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Cadén Capeluto
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Albany, CA, USA
Place of Origin:
Rhodes, GREECE
Info. in Field Notes:
arr. U.S. 1929, lived in N.Y. 1 yr., L.A. 2 yrs.; age 83 (6/22/58); daughter in L.A. Matilda Capeluto; learned songs from neighbors; 4 tapes 58re22a to 58re25a; EFN II, 21-25
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-1 FN 4, 22 Moshé ke suvió a los sielos i ke mos trusho la lei.
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-2 Arbolero (21) / Vuelta del marido (78) FN 4, 22 Arvolero
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-3 Robo de Elena (63)
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-4 Rico franco (61)
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-5 Don Bueso y su hermana (1)
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-6 Pedigüeña (113) / Las demandas
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-7 Busca del esposo (é) FN 4, 23 "m. 428"
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-8 Villano vil (74)
Details 58re24a BALLAD S 58re24a-1 Robo de Dina (62)
Details 58re25a BALLAD S 58re25a-1 Fn 4, p. 25 "Tres hermanicas"
Details 58re25a BALLAD S 58re25a-2 ?
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-1 Mujer engañada.
Details 58re23a ENDECHA S 58re23a-2 EFN II, 23. Y como la rosa en la huerta.
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-3 Mujer engañada
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-4 (124) Blancaniña / Adúltera (ó)
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-5 Conde Niño (95)
Details 58re23a LYRICSONG S 58re23a-6 Trenta complas
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-7 Vos labraré un pendón (76)
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-8 Fn 4, p. 24 "Por la tu puerta yo pasí"
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-9 FN4, p.24 "De qué sufres muchachica"
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-10 FN4, p. 24 "Pastor fiel"
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-11 Doncella guerrera (87)
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-12 Delgadina (33)
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-13 Mala suegra (42)
Details 58re23a BALLAD S 58re23a-14 Muerte del duque de Gandía (48)
Details 58re22a BALLAD S 58re22a-9 FN 4, 23 "Alta dama sin galecha"
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 58-22 58re22a 6/22/1958 Side A. Capeluto, Caden I (San Francisco). Side B blank. Recording quality uneven, often poor. Needed boosting. San Francisco