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refranes. inf1 inf1 Ni por mucho madrugar amanese. conversación inf1 Like somebodie's got trouble, he can't sleep, he gets up very early. And then, it doesn't get light, daylight, because you get up. That's what it means! Samuel G. Armistead That's cute. corte de cinta comentario inf2 That's what I remember. refrán inf1 El viezho no se quiere morir, por más ver y más sentir. conversación inf1 That was a good one, ah? Samuel G. Armistead Está bien! ¿Y eso qué quiere decir? inf1 The old man doesn't wanna die. inf2 Because he wants ... inf1 Because he wants more see, more hear. Samuel G. Armistead Mhh ... inf2 And he never took all ... refrán inf1 El sodro para mal siente. conversación Samuel G. Armistead That's right! inf2 ¡Oh! "El sodro para mal siente." inf1 "El sodro para mal siente." Samuel G. Armistead Eso está bien. refrán inf1 Quien tiene cazza de vidro, no eches [ se corrige ] no arrozhes piedras. comentario inf1 Wait a minute. ... "N[o] arrozhes piedras", yeah. refrán inf1 Quien tiene cazza de vidro, no arrozhe [ se corrige ] no arrozhes piedra al vezzino. corte de cinta refrán inf1 Quien tiene cazza de vidro, que no arrozhe piedras al vezzino. comentario inf2 That's the one I ... corte de cinta inf2 No, I never heard. refranes inf1 Cuando el gato no está, los ratones bailan. inf1 Quien tiene cazzal sin perr ... comentario inf1 Wait a minute! refrán inf1 Quien tiene cazzal sin perros camina sin palo. conversación inf1 Oh, that must be other ... Didn't I say that? Samuel G. Armistead Yeah! inf2 Yeah! inf1 ¿Quién? You want said again? inf2 [ phrase ] what it means? inf1 Oh, it means that the, somebody's got the ... a little farm without a dogs, he walks without stick, because nobody is gonna bite it, bite them. You know what I mean? Samuel G. Armistead Yeah! He doesn't suspect [ word ]. inf2 [ phrase ] inf1 Yeah! Yeah! refrán inf1 No quiero ni tu miel ni tu fiel. conversación Samuel G. Armistead ¿Y eso qué quiere decir? inf1 Quiere dezzir I don't want your honey, I don't want your gold. When you don't wanna have nothing to do with somebody: "No quiero ni tu miel ni tu fiel". Samuel G. Armistead Está bien corte de cinta conversación inf1 Oh, I cannot, you remember in a minute. inf2 Say it the way you say it, now. inf1 What? inf2 The same thing. inf1 What? What? inf2 "Perro que no ladra ..." refrán inf1 El perro que lad ... que ladra no modre. comentario inf1 That's all! refrán inf1 El pan de la vezzina es melizzina. conversación Samuel G. Armistead ¿Y eso qué quiere decir? inf1 Oh, don't matter how much you have, if you nob ..., if your neighbor's got a little piece of bread, that's what you want, the kid wants. inf2 A child always finds, eh you know whatever the neighbors ... inf1 That that's better. inf2 ... easier than what his mom ... inf1 "El p ..." I already say: "El pan de la vezzina es melezzina." Samuel G. Armistead ¡[Es]tá bien! refrán inf1 Quien tiene hizhos no muere de afito, sino muere afogado. conversación Samuel G. Armistead ¿Qué quiere decir "afito"? inf1 Constipation, they don't ... ejection, they don't, let it be the ... refrán inf1 Quien a la mar se cae de la espada se aferra. conversación inf1 You know what that means? inf2 Yeah, grasping the s ... inf1 If you fall in the sea, you gonna get drowned, you grasp a sword. Sword's got two ... Samuel G. Armistead Mhh. Samuel G. Armistead Two edges. inf1 How can you grab? But you'd rather get cut, than get drowned. inf2 But it is an old saying! refrán inf1 Tantu ture yo como turan los sapatos al cashón. conversación inf1 You know what that mean? Samuel G. Armistead No. inf1 No. I should live, the ... as much as the shoes will live in, you will leave them in the drawer. What [ phrase ] you in. Samuel G. Armistead ¿Qué es a "turió"? inf1 "Turar" means, eh. inf2 Durar. inf1 Durar. Samuel G. Armistead Oh, I see! inf1 You know what I mean? Samuel G. Armistead Eso es, ya, ya lo, eso. Está bien corte de cinta inf1 ... then you say that. refranes inf1 Se tuerse y no se rompe. inf1 Miedo terné y bueno no seré. conversación inf1 That's from some kid. You know you gonna give him [ word ], and still he's afraid, tiene miedo. But he still will do what he wants to do. se corta la grabación inf1 Una cozza... Well, you'd better shut it off, I'm gonna think it! Samuel G. Armistead That's OK! refrán inf1 Se tuerse y no se rompe. conversación inf1 Una criatura que es caprichozza. So this way you know the ... Samuel G. Armistead ¡Claro! refrán inf1 El hermano, mil muertes y un selo no. conversación inf1 Because he was jealous of his brother! Aaron. Samuel G. Armistead ¿Y qué quiere decir "y un celo no"? inf1 He will rather die than be, than ... inf2 No, a thousand death and not one jealousy. inf1 One jealousy. corte de cinta

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Name ▼ Abbreviation in Field Notes Place of Residence Place of Origin Information In Field Notes Age at Recording
Details Regina [Mrs.] Emanuel Burbank, CA, USA Salonika, GREECE 70± (2/4/1958); EFN I, 87 70
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Reel 58-36
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Regina Emanuel. Salonika (Refranes)
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Feedback (hum) mars quality of first part of tape; rest is better quality. Side B is blank.
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