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Bohora [Mrs.] Soriano
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Los Angeles, USA
Place of Origin:
Rhodes, GREECE
Info. in Field Notes:
lived in Cairo 1 year; age? but been in US 40 yrs. (5/3/1958) ; EFN II,1
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details ec104 BALLAD S ec104-1 Mujer de Arnaldos (136)
Details ec104 BALLAD S ec104-2 Arbolero (21)
Details ec104 BALLAD S ec104-3 La mujer de Terah
Details ec104 BALLAD S ec104-4 La mujer de Terah
Details ec104 BALLAD S ec104-5 Vuelta del hijo maldecido (77) / (138) Partida del esposo
Details ec104 BALLAD S ec104-6 Adúltera (ó) / (124) Blancaniña
Details ec104 LYRICSONG S ec104-7 Cantiga de las olas + Si la mar era de leche
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Tarica I 106 ec106 4/30/1958 loud background noise makes it almost impossible to hear Los Angeles