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Solomon Abrevaya
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Los Angeles, USA
Place of Origin:
Çanakkale, TURKEY
Info. in Field Notes:
also lived in Istanbul, New York; arr. US 1910±; knows French, English; age 75± (fall 1957); EFN I, 39a-51; tape #157, #161
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details reel2s2a BALLAD S reel2s2a-1 Choza del desesperado Continuación de reel1s2a-8
Details reel2s2a S reel2s2a-2
Details reel2s2a S reel2s2a-3
Details reel2s2a PROVERB S reel2s2a-4
Details reel2s2a S reel2s2a-5 "La mujer de Teraj . . ."
Details reel2s2a S reel2s2a-6
Details reel2s2a BALLAD S reel2s2a-7 Hero y Leandro (38)
Details reel2s2a BALLAD S reel2s2a-8 Ramica de ruda (58)
Details reel2s2a BALLAD S reel2s2a-9 Partida del esposo (138)
Details reel1s2a LYRICSONG S reel1s2a-1 mañana, mañana (146)
Details reel1s2a BALLAD S reel1s2a-2 Muerte del duque de Gandía (48)
Details reel1s2a LYRICSONG S reel1s2a-3 (147) Majo i majo i majo / Mazho y mazho y mazho
Details reel1s2a BALLADSTORY S reel1s2a-4 (144) Siete hijos de Haná
Details reel1s2a ENDECHA S reel1s2a-5
Details reel1s2a BALLAD S reel1s2a-6 Don Bueso y su hermana (1)
Details reel1s2a BALLAD S reel1s2a-7 Ya vyene el parido / kon sus konvidados; FN 3, p. 39-51 (218)
Details reel1s2a BALLAD S reel1s2a-8 Choza del desesperado (30) + (?) continúa en reel2s2a-1
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 1s2, Side A reel1s2a 9/5/1957 Abrevaya Los Angeles