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August 9, 1962?: See FN 1, pp. 11v, 12, 20vo. Name could be Ester Bandahan or Halo (?) Salama "Xauen 20 años".
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Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details reel5a BALLAD S reel5a-2
Details reel10a BALLAD S reel10a-6 Text of recent Peninsular origin. There are no early Moroccan versions of this ballad.
Details reel5a BALLAD S reel5a-5
Details reel3a BALLAD S reel3a-3
Details reel4a BALLAD S reel4a-2 FN 1, p. 10v, #12 = 172, Torres de Gibraltar
Details reel3b BALLAD S reel3b-5
Details reel10a BALLAD S reel10a-1
Details reel10a BALLADSTORY S reel10a-3 Informants talk about MP 121 (ID #116). SGA: totally muddled, worthless
Details reel10a LYRICSONG S reel10a-4 Ritual song, SGA would search in Larrea
Details reel10a BALLAD S reel10a-5
Details reel10a S reel10a-7 Modern narrative coplas.
Details reel10a BALLAD S reel10a-8
Details reel10b BALLAD S reel10b-1
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 3, Side B reel3b 8/5/1962 4:15-5:30
Details Reel 5, Side A reel5a 8/6/1962 11:40-11:55 S1,2,3; 11:45-12:55 S1,2,3,8
Details Reel 10, Side A reel10a 8/9/1962 Tetuán
Details Reel 10, Side B reel10b 8/9/1962 Tetuán