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Lucy Ben-Zaken
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Beit Shemesh, ISRAEL
Place of Origin:
Tangier, MOROCCO
Info. in Field Notes:
Fn8, p. 29v
Age at Recording:
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Details isr10-1 BALLAD S isr10-1-3 (51) Mujer engañada FN8, p. 29 "Me casó mi madre (= Mujer engañada)"
Details isr10-1 BALLAD S isr10-1-4 (15) Reina Xerifa mora / (16) Hermanas reina y cautiva
Details isr10-1 BALLAD S isr10-1-5 (51) Mujer engañada / Mi madre me casó
Details isr10-1 BALLAD S isr10-1-7 (1) Don Bueso y su hermana
Details isr11-1 BALLAD S isr11-1-3 (16) Hermanas reina y cautiva
Details isr10-2 BALLAD S isr10-2-1 (190) Requiebros (continuación de isr10-1-8) + (84) Diego León