Folk Literature of the Sephardic Jews Multimedia Digital Library
Rebecca Bichacho
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Place of Origin:
Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Info. in Field Notes:
FN8, p. 16 y p. 8 v.
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details isr3-1 VOCABULARY S isr3-1-10 Conversación
Details isr3-1 BALLADSTORY S isr3-1-11 Sueño de la hija
Details isr4-2 BALLAD S isr4-2-1 (21) Arbolero / (78) Vuelta del marido (í)
Details isr3-1 STORY S isr3-1-12 "Una hizha estudiante"