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Maqnín Aflalo
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Alcazarquivir, MOROCCO
Place of Origin:
Info. in Field Notes:
age 75+/-; FN 2, p. 22; Sept. 3, 1962. With Ester Emerguí (ID# 31).
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details 62re37a BALLAD S 62re37a-1 MFN II. "Hermosa me era yo" Isabel de Liar + Juan Lorenzo. MP 77 + MP 12
Details 62re37a BALLAD S 62re37a-2 MFN II. Gerineldo + Boda Estorbada MP 101 + MP 60
Details 62re37a BALLAD S 62re37a-3 MNF II. Rosaflorida y Montesinos (frag) MP26
Details 62re37a BALLAD S 62re37a-5 MNF II. Tamar y Amnón. MP37
Details 62re37b BALLAD S 62re37b-4 See FN #2, p. 24 for many vocabulary notes. Diego León MP63
Details 62re37a BALLAD S 62re37a-6 MNF II. "En la ciudad de Madrid" Pájaro verde. MP66
Details 62re37b BALLAD S 62re37b-1 continuation of song 62re37a-6 Pájaro verde MP66
Details 62re37b BALLAD S 62re37b-2 SGA comment: Preciosa música Don Bueso y su hermana MP49
Details 62re37b BALLAD S 62re37b-5 Vol VI, text 16D Rosaflorida y Montesinos MP26
Details 62re37b BALLAD S 62re37b-6 MFN II. Sancho y Urraca MP4
Details 62re39a BALLAD S 62re39a-2 MFN II, 30v. Requiebros
Details 62re39a BALLAD S 62re39a-5 MFN II, 31. Sacrificio de Isaac. (Sam notes: frag. caótico pero aprovechable)
Details 62re39a BALLAD S 62re39a-6 MFN II, 31. Mujer engañada
Details 62re39b BALLAD S 62re39b-2 MFN II, 32. Vuelta del marido (é) + Arboleros (í).
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 62-37, Side A 62re37a 9/3/1962 - 9/4/1962 Alcazarquivir